Full Version: Community Supporter Perks
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Community support perks were created to encourage support of the A3Armory.com servers each month. It's our way of showing appreciation to players that do help. It's a huge draw on a few community members to pay the majority of operating expenses plus support the servers and community. In order for a more sustainable approach, we need your help.

The perks:
  • Ability to change skins of uniforms and backpacks.
  • Ability to paint and re-paint vehicles.
  • Community support items are unlocked for in-game purchase.
  • Explosives used while in revive (suicide vest) will play funny sound clips.
  • Access our private TS3 server and Discord channels. Start a support ticket to set this up.
  • Access our private forum where we discuss things like the Illuminati, guides on storing classified emails on unsecured servers, and all sorts of other topics.
  • You're doing your part in keeping the servers running with a active community supporting them.
The in-game perks are in accordance with the Bohemia Interactive Server Monetization Policy. They are entirely cosmetic and/or do not affect game-play in anyway. All community support items have been placed in the loot spawn as well for anyone to pick up.

You qualify for community supporter if you satisfy 1 of these 4:
  1. Donate $5 or over a month to the overhead of the community.
  2. Participate in the community. This could be helping players on the forum, ts, and discord. Can also be done by posting videos of game-play on YouTube.
  3. Report bugs in detail. This includes the conditions in which the bug appears, the bug itself, and steps to reproduce the bug.
  4. Contribute to the Github repositories. This could be anything like adding features (even if they are not added), starting issues for bugs or problems, and fixing bugs.
Donations are given without return consideration.

You are automatically disqualified or removed if you:
  • Are permanently banned for breaking the rules.
  • Are considered by the community to be a disrespectful or not well regarded.
*It is ultimately up to the discretion of the people who support the community the most for these cases.

Donations keep the servers going and we would not be here without support from the community. Admins, support staff, and developers are not paid for their time. Servers will go down if not funded each month. All money donated goes to paying the community expenses and any excess is put in reserve for months that come up short. No withdrawals are made from the community PayPal account for anything other than operating expenses. Future projects will not be funded by this account unless embraced and used by the community.

Don't forget to make a ticket with your steam/UID number so we know who you are and can add you. If you think you qualify and you do not have the in-game perks, please let us know.