Full Version: Server rules and player guide
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Server rules:
  • No exploiting/glitching.
  • No intentional team killing on blufor and opfor.
  • No griefing of players.
  • English only in global or team chat.
  • Respect other players and the administrators.
*Make sure to record what you can. Admins only spectate (rarely) players that have been reported of breaking the rules and suspicious activity. Its impossible to catch everything and is not always practical to be watching players after the fact. Before playing do what you can to setup Shadow Play, OBS, Plays.tv, Fraps, etc. Please make a support ticket with any info you have and we can compare it with our server logs.

Player guide and rule info:

Stealing Teammates Gear
It's proper etiquette to not steal your teammates crates, money, and vehicles. Please use common sense when it comes to this.

Ghosting Teammates
Do not communicate teammates positions to an enemy team or group. This will result in a permanent ban.

Team Switching Around Teammates
Do not switch teams around your teammates and then proceed to kill them immediately. This will result in a permanent ban.

Abusing Glitches/Bugs
You can glitch into certain areas where you shouldn't be able to normally. Do not abuse these glitches/bugs. This will result in a permanent ban.

Combat Logging
Do not logout intentionally while engaged in combat. Multiple reports of this will result in a ban.

Objects/Base Building Glitches
Please do not build sky bases, water bases, etc. Base building is not meant for that purpose. Also do not use base objects while reviving a teammate or move object to intentionally injure players.

Spawn Island
Stay off spawn island. Screwing around with spawn island will result in a permanent ban.

Please use @admin for much more serious problems. We ask you to use our support ticket system to report most things. The support ticket link is at the top of the forum.

Abusing Map Icons
Don't cover the map in dots and keep the stupid things to a minimum. You can be tracked down in the logs and when you are found you will be kicked or banned.

Punished for Team Killing
Bans to Independent will reset at the next server restart.

Map Legend
There is a legend on the map near the lower right corner that.

Team Chat Spamming/Global Spamming
We would prefer that everyone form groups and use group chat. Team and global chat needs to be kept at a minimum.

Object and Vehicle Saving
Crates, base objects, and static weapons need to be saved/locked every 5 days. Abandoned vehicles save for 2 day. Parked vehicles save permanently until taken out.